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Hi there! I'm Faux Synder, I'm an Asexual, Bi-romantic voice actress that has been acting in the industry semi-professionally for over eight years. I bring a unique, mature tone suitable to E-learning and natural commercial reads, while having the range and expression for character acting and animation. I'm a dedicated and motivated individual who is known for bringing emotion and life to their characters' voices.My voice ranges from young, spirited girl to mature, loving mother, or sometimes even sinister, villainous witch. My strength lies in discerning emotion from words, but I welcome all feedback and am more than happy to provide a variety of takes to bring client's character or copy to life. I have a strong, warm tone with a narrative feel, especially suitable for children's literature that require precise diction or pronunciation.

Demo Reels

Commercial Demo

Animation Demo

Character Demo

Singing Demo

Acting Resume

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A list of roles on Backstage.com


"Faux is an absolute delight to work with! The lines were submitted in advance to the deadline in the correct formatting and they were open to retakes and gave me extra lines to work with. A true professional."- Kakigori; Casting Director of "The Yokai Legends"

"Faux is such a fortunate find... she brings grace and gravitas to these kinds of roles in a way that feels so sincere and from the heart. Her wisdom and nurturing attitude bring the emotional depth to new heights. An absolute pleasure to work with."-Freeman; Freeman Vocal Studios

Training and Coaching

Previous coaching includes classes with Deb Monre, Elly Ray, June Yoon, Bryant Falk, Jason Lord, Darren Dunstan, Joe Hernandez, Dorah Fine, and more. For detailed lists of courses and coaching, please see the link below!


Animated Samples

Sample courtesy of Bryant Falk

Full Youtube Role Playlist


  • Remote Capable Treated Recording space

  • AT2035 XLR microphone

  • Focusrite Scarlet Solo interface

  • Asus Windows 10 Laptop

  • FL Studio Version 10 software

  • Audio-Techanica M50x

  • Source Connect Standard


  • Rates are negotiable but typically range $3/line, 0.25 per word, or $75/hour of recording and editing time (indie)

  • Revisions not included in base price and will be discussed at time of revision requested

  • Paypal, Stripe, and ko-fi payments accepted

  • Feel free to use the contact form below if you'd like to discuss payment!

AI Consent and usage

My voice is not to be used for any creation without my written consent, regardless of compensation or credit received. All clients must agree to and/or sign the National Association of Voice Actors (NAVA) AI Rider, insuring that no part of my voice will be utilized for AI training modules before any voice work is delivered. The Rider is reviewable in the link provided below.


For inquiries, collabs, and rates, please use the form provided below!